Our sprinkler services include new system installs and add-ons, to maintenance and repairs. Spring, Summer, Fall - we've got you covered! See all of our sprinkler services listed below.

Sprinkler Services We Offer:

  • New System Installs
  • Backyard Add-ons
  • Renovations / Upgrades
  • Spring Sprinkler Start-ups
  • Fall Blow-outs / Winterizations
  • Repairs
  • Backflow Testing 

About Our Sprinkler Systems:
A quality irrigation system is a vital component of any landscaping project. Timely and efficient irrigation is especially important in the Colorado climate where weather extremes, such as high heat and drought, can wreak havoc on plants and lawn.  Whether an established area, or newly installed, your landscaping is a major investment that adds significant value to any business or residential property.  A professionally installed landscape irrigation system helps to protect that investment, and additionally, can offer long term water use savings.

The staff and crew at Coal Creek Landscaping, LLC have the experience, education and training to get the job done right. Coal Creek Landscaping has experience in irrigation system design and installation, and is experienced in both commercial and residential landscape irrigation systems.

Staff and crew at Coal Creek Landscaping receive continuing training and education on the latest developments and newest technology in the landscaping and irrigation industry.  When installing an automatic sprinkler system, our crews adhere to the highest standards of quality and workmanship.

Important Points about Our Sprinkler Installation and Service:

  • Coal Creek Landscaping uses the highest quality commercial grade sprinkler parts and materials.
  • We offer new water saving techniques that will match precipitation and reduce wasteful sprinkler run-off.
  • We can help you save 30% of the water used by traditional sprinkler systems.
  • Coal Creek Landscaping has the ability to install "Smart" Controllers that can manage your watering more extensively through the use of soil moisture sensors and historical evapo-transpiration data.
  • We offer "trenchless" installs for irrigation line installation, as well as standard trenching. In established lawns, "trenchless" installs pull pipe into the ground resulting in minimal damage to existing lawn.
  • Coal Creek Landscaping, LLC offers follow-up maintenance services, spring start-ups and fall winterizations.
  • Our crews are experienced installers and receive ongoing training and education.
  • All newly installed systems carry a full warranty. ( Our estimator will provide warranty details.)

What are the advantages of having an automatic sprinkler system?

  • An automatic sprinkler system contributes to healthy lawns and shrubs by reducing stress to lawn and plants from heat, drought, and irregular irrigation.
  • Sprinkler systems can help keep your lawn looking good at all times through regular, timed watering.
  • A properly designed system gives improved, more evenly distributed sprinkler coverage.
  • Automatic drip systems water shrubs and plants.
  • Well installed and maintained sprinkler systems, properly programed, can save water by not overwatering, and by using available water-saving technology.
  • Gives homeowner control over sprinkler timing settings.
  • Decreases homeowner stress and labor by not having to haul hoses and move sprinklers. No more forgetting to shut off the water and overwatering the lawn and plants.
  • Convenience. Waters your lawn even when you are away.
  • Adds value to the property, and protects your landscape investment.

Insulating Instructions for Sprinkler Back-flow Device for Light Freezes (prior to Sprinkler Blow-out):

If the temperature will get below freezing (32 degrees) we recommend that the backflow device, and/or
any pipes above ground should be be insulated with a heavy blanket, sleeping bag, or regular insulation.
Then cover the blanket or insulation with a heavy plastic garbage bag. Tape bag around blanket to keep
the “insulation” dry. This will help protect the backflow during light freezes, until the system can be blown


Sprinkler System Back-Draining Instructions (prior to blow-out if needed):

NOTE: The following process will only help drain and protect the backflow and the pipe going into the
house (from the sprinkler system) from freezing and breaking. The sprinkler system (underground pipes,
etc., will still need to be blown out with a compressor before temperatures get below freezing for several
days, and/or cold winter weather sets in, to prevent sprinkler lines from freezing and breaking.
1) Shut Timer off.
2) Shut off water (pipe that supplies the sprinkler system) in basement or crawlspace.
3) Go outside to backflow device, and with a flathead screwdriver, turn the 2 small test-valves or
pet-cocks about ¼ turn to the horizontal position. You DO NOT need to shut off anything on the
backflow. Do NOT turn the levers (usually have blue handles).
4) Go back down to the water shut-off in the basement. You should see a drain valve, or a little cap
or plug (or thumb screw). Use your hand or a plier, if needed, to take off the cap and then drain
the water into a bucket. It may take a few minutes to drain. Replace cap or plug.
This should safeguard the backflow until the system can be blown-out.
Please call us if you have questions, or concerns about your specific sprinkler system.