Coal Creek offers Full Service Landscaping in Fort Collins, Wellington, Windsor, Loveland, Greeley and all places in between. Coal Creek Landscaping has worked with developers and homeowners for over 20 years to construct beautiful residential landscapes.  Whether a simple renovation or large scale construction, Coal Creek has the experience and knowledge to do your job right!

We understand that your landscaping is an investment not only for now, but for the future and long-term value of your home. That’s why we use highest quality, commercial grade materials, and follow the Green Industry’s Best Management Practices and standards when installing your landscape, whether installing a sprinkler system, doing a ground prep, or constructing hardscapes – retaining walls and patios. We want your landscape to be long-lasting, and remain beautiful for years to come.

We have long worked with homeowners to create their landscapes as they have envisioned it, and we are proficient at providing quotes and installing landscapes based on their desires and the specifications homeowners express.  In many and most cases we can easily implement a homeowner’s ideas without a formal design.  However, when or if needed, we may recommend one of the professional designers with whom our company has long worked.

Coal Creek Landscaping is a locally owned and operated company.  We care about the community.  Therefore our goal is to do the best job possible for our clients, to treat our clients fairly and honestly, and display the highest ethical and professional standards. We offer quality workmanship at competitive prices, and are committed to doing your job right!


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